Every bite is special.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Christy Smith a Wife and Mom of two beautiful fun girls Ashley and Madison with a love of cooking and yes of course eating!  I worked in the tech industry for almost 17 years and while there attended school for pastry arts (as a hobby).  Sure I made some pretty cakes but my passion didn’t begin there.  The big bang hit when my youngest daughter Madison was diagnosed with Celiac at 2.5 yrs old (my husband soon to follow).

What seemed at first to be a struggle,  who knew the world of pre-packaged foods and beverages we consume was dominated by wheat, rye and that ever so sneaky barley; and can’t we just call the ingredients what they are rather than all these scientific confusing names.  That would sure save us a boatload of time on all the google searching.  My initial whirlwind has developed into a passion.  A passion to make sure Madison (the mini me foodie) never missed out on ANY food experience.  At least not if I can make or try my hardest. 

Ok maybe a few trials and errors, nope all transparency a LOT of errors but there is nothing like an honest kid to tell you if your food is good.  My girls sure were honest but that’s what made me keep trying just waiting for the big thumbs up and smile.

Now four years later I have some tested and approved amazing recipes and constant praises from my biggest fan's - My Family.  I’ve decided I wanted other kids to experience the same thumbs up (yummy goodness) so here I am, kicking off what I hope to be a favorite in homes of those with allergies and without allergies.  Gluten Free tends to get a bad reputation on taste and texture.  I PROMISE you, if they didn’t say GF you’d never be able to tell. 

My passion was ignited by a disease but thrives out of love!  I hope you and your family enjoy my treats as much as my family has!

All my best

Once upon a celiac time...